20mm projectile for identification

This projectile looks like a 20x99R Russian ShVAK maybe a practice ?
It is steel with a plain base with the edge turned. Nose does not unscrew.
Somebody may have cleaned the groove or it is remains of solder or sealant?

Body has a slash 41 stamp and maybe another letter to the left I cannot ID.
Length is 55.1mm.
Body diameters are 19.9mm above the drive band. 19.6mm below it.
Projectile weight is 78 grams or 2.7oz.
I am keen to know the type, case, country of manufacture if possible.

20mm 1

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Ron, the driving band dooes not look ShVAK and also not the projectile base.
Side markings are also unknown from ShVAK.

This one should be something else.

Iā€™m not sure but, the projectile weight matches with a japanese 20x94 (IJA Ho-5)


this projectile look like 1 piece (minus the driving band)

Compare the ā€œ4ā€ in photos below-

20x138mmB Finland20x113mm Finland20mm Unknown

Left to right: 20x138mmB (Finland, headstamp), 20x113mm (Finland, headstamp), 20mm unknown.

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Thanks to all so far but still an unknown 20mm?
Here is a comparison with a Japanese Ho-5 and it is too short, but crimp height matches.
You can see where some silver is missing from the cap.
That is just a rust spot and not a Japanese character.

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Here is a comparison with Russian & Czech Shvak.
Similar shape and bands but I agree the stamp on the side does not look Russian. Thanks.

i notice that the rounds had double trim on driving band but the unknown projectile had only one trim

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Yes, different band and crimp groove does not match.
Definately not ShVAK related.