20mm S18-1100 Italian AT rifle and case deformation

I just received the information that Italian S18-1100 AT rifles in 20x138B Rheinmetall had bolt / breech faces with the serial number of the weapon engraved in relatively large letters.
Upon firing the serial number was giving space to the case head to deform into the engraved part of the breech face and sowith left it’s serial number in the case (as a relief).
As far as it assumed by the leading researcher in this field (J.-B. Anderhub) this was not to mark the cases but to enable the operator to view and verify the serial number of the bolt which otherwise had no exposed surfaces visible from the outside of the weapon. When the bolt was in rear position the number was legible. The purpose of this posting is not to discuss the possible reason why this has been done (that will be to no avail I guess).
The question is:
Has anybody ever seen such a case with something that looked like a “raised” portion of the hs which looked like a serial number (maybe as a “mirror” - have to ask back how the number was applied there). If so an image of such a “deformed” case would be much appreciated (for a book project, credit will be given etc.). By nature of the weapon and considering the time frame of use most of such cases were likely to be found in Northern Africa since later on the weapons were not in use anymore when the war went on in Italy itself.

Very interesting, since New York State has been trying (unsuccessfully yet) to pass “the-1st-in-the-nation” microstamping law, by which “something” will be engraved at the tip of the firing pin of a new handgun thus leaving a trace at a crime scene. That is only a theory, temporary replacement of a firing pin and usage of revolvers was not considered by the best and brightest in Albany. Eat your heart out, Kalifornia!!

Did they not think that to use a nail file, or even scrape the end of the pin on a concrete wall would render this scheme useless?

Vlad, While it has not become law, the engraving of information on the fired case by the weapon when it is fired was proposed as a law years ago, and New York followed California’s lead, as so many of the Socialist States seem to do. All the money spent on these looney laws and trying to get them passed might be better served to fix the roads, and keep cities from going into Bankruptcy, as Stockton, California (Where Gourd lives) recently has. There was even a proposal for serial-numbering of the base of the bullets. That doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere past testing.