20mm Solothurn Short

I recently purchased a 20x105B Solothurn short and i’m not sure what kind of projo it has on. I thinks it’s a Hungarian made AP-T but not sure. It is black pointed ogive witha a white band just above the copper driving band. It also has the red letter AH printed on top of each other, and a band resembling an unpainted portion of the projectile (showing bare metal) approximately 5mm wide above the letters. Any idea of what exactly is? First time here in a while so bare with my description. Thanks for the replies.

Its correct designation is 20mm 36M P

Thank you for the reply. Forgive my ignorance , but since it’s and HE, any word of advice on how to maintain this round? I keep him with the rest of my collection. Thanks again.

I too am interested in learning more about this one…I picked up a live one a few years back at a flea market…same type of projectile, AP type, painted black, with a white band right above the driving band. Same A over H in red…headstamp didn’t look Hungarian to me, figured it was a Swiss (or whoever made them originally…) I can check my headstamp out tonight and post it later…And I just figured it for a AP-T…

Since mine is live, I just have it sitting on my shelf with my other German 20mm rounds…it’s not going to go boom on its own…figured I’d keep it since the Germans used the round in limited numbers…

Talking of live rounds, I just scored a German 20x138R Flak Ubungs round, in perfect condition, live, never messed with, nice paint, great stencils, a sweet round!

I would say it has no need of special care. As all large caliber shell, it is safe for handling and transporting. But please note, that law in many countries prohibits the possession of HE ammo.


Strakv is right. If the projectile in question has more than 1/4 ounce of explosive, and furthermore if the projectile is live and over .50 inches in diameter, then it is technically considered ammunition for a destructive device. This is definitely an ignored law in many cases, and when found-out or discovered by authorities, they will typically just confiscate it and inform you of the law as long as you’re just a collector and have no criminal record. These sorts of things sell a few times a year on GB and AA. The projectile might have been removed though and had the explosive and powder taken out, it’s hard to tell especially if it has been replaced by filler and re-sealed.