20mm sub-calibre help please

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for any information on this 20mm sub-calibre round. The previous owner told me it is a 20mm spotting round but I haven’t been able to find any more information. The head stamp reads 20mm 64 MPA and the dimensions are as follows: total length of round 68mm, cartridge length 27mm, projectile width 20mm, rim width 16mm. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have not seen that one but it looks like the Mecar (of Belgium) subcaliber cartridges for the Blindicide bazooka.
Those had percussion primers and the projectile shape varied as there were different types over the years. Maybe your variant here was adapted to electric priming to be used with a certain weapon.
As per the markings (the “T”) it looks like from a country with British influence.
I have nothing on hand to compare but maybe somebody here can check on the case length of the original Belgian ones.

The measurements you are giving are somewhat confusing as round and cartridge is the same.
Also the rim diameter with 16mm is odd as it is the largest diameter on this round which’s projectile is 20mm in diameter already.
What is the case length if it is not the 27mm you gave as “cartridge length”?
Can you clarify please?

Found it! It is South African:

I apologise for the false information EOD, its been a rough day. The case length is 27mm, cartridge length is 68mm, projectile width 20mm, rim width 22mm, the 16mm is the width of the thinner top part of the projectile. Thank you very much for sharing the information you have found and again sorry for the false information I provided.

No worries! This happens to all of us. Glad to help.

What’s the meaning of MPA?

MPA = Mecar, S.A. Belgium