20MM - WW2 British shell case makers

  • From all the info I have I’m able now to put together this list showing the 20MM / WW2 British shell case makers which manufactured 20MM Oerlikon and [or] 20MM Hispano. Please let me know if more manufacturers [only for 20MM / WW2 British] are known. Please correct any mistakes [if any]. — 1] “RG” [or a /|\ single broad arrow] = Royal Ordnance Factory, Radway Green; — 2] “ST” = Royal Ordnance Factory, Steeton & Thorpe Arch (RH); — 3] “RC” or “RCC” or perhaps even “RH” = Raleigh Cycle Co.; — 4] “K” = Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. (ICI) with the mention that “K2” & “K3” stand for ICI Kynoch; — 5] “BPF” = Unknown [manufactured only 20MM Oerlikon]; — 6] “WB” = Wilmot-Breeden, Birmingham [manufactured only 20MM Oerlikon]; — 7] “BBC” = Barking Brassware Co. [manufactured ony 20MM Hispano]; — 8] “BMARC(o)” = British Manufacturing & Research [manufactured only 20MM Hispano]; — 9] “GB” = Greenwood & Batley Ltd. [manufactured only 20MM Hispano]; — 10] “H” = Hall’s Telephone Co. Ltd [manufactured only 20MM Hispano]; — 11] “P & S” = Pla(s)ters & Stampers Ltd [manufactured only 20MM Hispano]. — QUESTION: At number 11 is it “Platers” or “Plasters”??? I’ll be waiting for comments and / or corrections. Thanks, Liviu 07/04/07 P.S. I don’t know most of the locations of those makers, so please let me know if you have any info.
  • Some 20mm Oerlikon “S” brass shell cases / 20X110RB [“Mk2” & “Mk4”] manufactured in USA between 1941-45 have the headstamp mark “WB” which stands for “West Band Aluminum Co.”, West Band [WI]. Please do not confuse the maker’s mark “WB” from UK [Birmingham] with the maker’s mark “WB” from USA [West Band / Wisconsin]. Liviu 07/04/07 P.S. One more QUESTION: Did the British during WW2 also manufactured 20mm Oerlikon and 20mm Hispano shell cases made of STEEL??? I’ve seen only WW2 British 20X110RB and 20X110 Hispano made of BRASS.

Liviu, here are some more to add:

“K2” is Kynoch Wartime Factory, Standish, Gloucestershire, UK (1942-1944). This is listed on the IAA headstamp guide as 1943-1944, but I have a 20x110 Hispano case stamped “K2 1942 20MM”. I am not sure if they made 20x110RB Oerlikon, but this can definitely go on your list as I have an example of a 20x110 Hispano case with this headstamp.

“K4” is Kynoch Wartime Factory, Yeading, Middlesex, UK (1942-1944). I am not sure whether they ever made 20mm Hispano or Oerlikon S. My example of this headstamp is on a .55 Boys Anti-Tank case stamped “K4 1942 WII”. The land where this factory stood on (which now houses a hardware store) is about 4 miles from me.

“K5” is Kynoch Wartime Factory, Middlesex, UK (1943-1944). The headstamp guide lists this factory as 1944 only, but I have this headstamp on a 1943 7.92x57 BESA Tracer case (headstamped “K5 43 GIIZ”). I do not know whether this factory made 20mm Hispano or Oerlikon S.

Can anyone provide any answers on whether K4 or K5 made 20mmm Hispano or Oerlikon S?

Was there ever a “K3”, planned or used, if it does not exist, why was it not used?

British WW2 - 20mm HS case-makers:
Kynoch (Witton factory) 1939-1940 with BMARC or BMARCo hst. Loaded by British Manufacturing & Research Company factory at Grantham, Lincolnshire.
Royal Ordnance Factory Radway Green - usually loaded at ROF Swynnerton (and never at Radway Green)
Ministry of Supply Factory (MOS) Standish headstamped K2 supplied to BMARCo for loading at Grantham, 1942-1944. They made an experimental batch of steel cases in 1943 using various copper-wash and baked laquer finish.
MOS Yeading 1943 headstamped K4 - one batch of 3 million brass cases for loading elsewhere, probably ROF Swynnerton or ROF Burghfield.
ROF Steeton & cases shipped to ROF Thorpe Arch for loading.
K3 was allocated as KN3 to the old King’s Norton Metal Co factory during WW2 where metal sheets were rolled and punched out into cups for transfer to other Kynoch operated factories for making into bullet envelopes and cartridge cases.
Where did BBC = Barking Brassware come from?? I have researched British ammo for 35 years and never found any reference in official documents to this name making 20mm cases. I suspect BBC = Bridgeport Brass Co who exported large quantities of cases to the UK during WW2 (& think loaded rounds later in the war)
K5 never made 20mm cases.
ROF Spennymoor made HS cases with hst of 3 arrows to conceal identity - loaded elsewhere.
Post WW2:
Platers & Stampers made cases during Korea conflict - probably loaded at ROF Thorpe Arch, Yorkshire which was reactivated for this purpose.
Greenwood & Batley the same. All three factories are close to each other.
Kynoch @ Witton made brass and experimental aluminium cases after WW2 and loaded at Witton.
Enough for tonight!! Regards John P-C