20x102 finds - XM246E1, FAP, PGU-27

Question: Is that little ball correct for the fuse? It doesn’t seem to fit right.
It appears that I have a couple of different parts. The base part of my fuse doesn’t have the cup to hold the ball.

FAP and PGU-27

ETA: drawning of ball rotor fuse showing cup for ball


You may have parts from both T200E16 (later known as M505) and the last version M505A3 mixed together.
The Ball-rotor and fuze body looks like they are M505A3, the booster part looks like one from the T200E16 or even the M505A1


I just got one of these fuzes a few months ago as well, it seems identical to Jesters. However mine came to me on a 30x173 HEI, and seemingly the General Dynamics made one.

Would this have been the correct fuze for it? All the parts of the fuze fit together and seems to be correct?

yeah, my booster is missing the dished area for the ball to sit in.

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