20x102 / M103 case - Headstamp question

I know that 20x102’s rarely have a headstamp, but i have 3 ‘bunted’ Ones ( from Denmark [M55A2 - AMA] , France [OEI - MR] and USA [Experimental T61E1 with M99 projectile - FA)]) and a few ‘stencilled’ ones (all French M55A2 TP - TE) in my collection.

Are there 20x102mm headstamps known from other manufacturers/countries ?


Early Czech ones have headstamps too (and sometimes ink markings).

Australian ones are stencilled on the side of the Body, (MF) as are Imports from the USA (MA Milan Arsenal, Tennesee)…now since the Gun using these shells has been removed from service by the scrapping of the F-111, I don’t know if the Hornets etc carry the Vulcan Cannon any more.

Doc AV