20x102 stuff

HEI M56E2 - NWM DM61??

US Experimental mischmetal Plastic-Bodied Projectile

Break-Up - NWM

TP for powder test - NWM (red projo) – may be experimental AP

TP M55A2 - NWM

Dummy DM30 - West German



can you check if the red colored projectile has a magnetic tip (=steel tip - normal powdertest ones have aluminum nose-cones)?
If so, it’s likely not a powdertest round, but an experimental AP round from NWM !

It does have a magnetic tip.

I had this one that might look familiar (gave to a friend who loves AP sections)… Same ?

I have this other red painted round that is non-magnetic

For the cutaway round in first picture, i’m 99.9% sure it’s a Dutch MN40 AP round

The unmagnetic red TP was indeed as stated a powder test projectile.

I do not have any written documentation on the experimental steel tipped red TP, but was told by former NWM employees that it was an efford to make “cheaper” AP(I) rounds, mostly based on the standard TP projectile.

On the picture are all tested versions (picture and cutaways from DJH).

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Orpheus, interesting cartridges, thank you for sharing!

What are the holes in the proj. bases for?


i have the first experimental one on the picture with a spare projectile

The bottom of that projectile shows an aluminum? base with 2 fastening holes and the (center)hole you mention (that is also visible on the cutaway).
i’m not sure but could it be some kind of igniter hole for the compound inside ?


This is what I am wondering about. I can not figure the true purpose.

Edit removed blue tip as it has a big hole drilled in base to demil. Will get weight of undrilled later.

Magnetic tip

Nonmagnetic tip