20x102mm PGU-39/B Dummy With Headstamp

Information & photo source: ‘https://www.armynavysales.com/gi-20mm-dummy-training-round.html

.PGU-39-B dummy, a

.PGU-39-B dummy, b

From the headstamp what does OLM 19 D stand for? Three letter manufacturer code and year of production?



I can’t answer that question, but I know that and least some of them are made in St. Louis, at the John J. Steuby Company. Their 20mm dummies have the same headstamp and ink stamp on the cartridge case, as those in your image. The cartridge is made in two pieces, and are joined with threads.
Steuby makes 20, 25, and 30mm components, including 20 and 25mm dummy rounds, and also sabot components and assemblies for those calibers, plus HEI, and HEI-T, and also TP and TP-T projectiles for them as well.
They also make practice projectiles for the 50X228 cartridge. Steuby is mostly a screw machine shop, but they have other machines and make a large variety of non-military stuff.

Edited to add: “as those in your image”

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I found the empty PGU-39/B cases that I have, and their headstamps all say, OLM 17D.

Plus, I found this on another thread left by orpheus72: OLM was used by Olin Corp. Metal Prod., Marion, Illinois, USA until 2000.
From 2000 onward this code was General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Inc., Marion, Illinois.

I suppose that Steuby is just a sub-contractor to GD.

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Great work and information!



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You’re welcome!

Dang, another new one on my wish list :wink:
Thanks for spreading the info Brian

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That’s very interesting to see, I got one of these dummies 2-3 years ago and could never ID it or find information on it. It’s bare machined steel with a hollow “case” and projectile that thread together. No ink markings, no gold colouring and the headstamp “OLM-17 D”. I’m not currently with my collection but here is some old photos to compare.

Are these still in use with the USAF?