20x102mm reference

Is there a good reference on the development of this round? Somewhere like Fuchs or HWS info?


I think you may go back to the .60 first and start there. Means HWS should be helpfull.
Also there is a couple of govt. publications on medium cal.
I am not aware of a comprehensive publication on this cal.

I’ll go back through HWS for the .60, but was more interested in the various 20mm rounds.

Maybe the best I’ve seen online is

Yes, a good site.
Like with most other calibers where no specialized publications are available one needs to run after all sort of smaller reports and catalogs and puzzle the overall picture together himself.
I remember quite some of such docs scattered around in many places.

A good starting point should be:
Historical Development Summary of Automatic Cannon Caliber Ammunition: 20-30 Millimater by Dale M Davis (AFATL-TR-84-03)

Which is available in the research centre.

Yup, read Dale Davis’ pamphlet last week. Very interesting.