20x110 Australian Oerlikon Dummy

These rounds are in collections but not well known outside of Australia.
Solid steel Dummy with a bevelled flat base. Maribyrnong Ordnance, Vic.

Stamped: OE M.O. 1 1946 DUMMY.


Ron, steel is quite unusual then. Those I know of having the same shape are made of wood and were magazine loading dummies.

Thank you for sharing!

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Though this isn’t, as far as i can tell an Australian Oe dummy, it is of similar pattern.
This appears to be of 2 part construction as has a bit of a rattle when shaken.
Dated 1942, seems to have had a lot of use.
Markings orientated along the body.
OeDummy OeDummy2

So M.O.I. stands for Maribyrnong Ordnance, Vic?
Is Vic = Victoria?


Maribyrnong Ordnance Factory used the MO on various Drill rounds from 20mm to artillery drill rounds 3.7" , 3" etc. MO is very complicated but was part of a very large complex that made cordite, explosives, ammunition (MF Factory) at the west side of Melbourne . Address was Cordite Ave, Maribyrnong, Victoria, Australia.
I have possibly made the odd error here and should not have gone from memory!!

Oe M.O. 1 stands for 20mm Oerlikon Mk1 Dummy.

Thank you for the explanation …

I am trying to learn more about the headstamping arena, and then apply it to the bigger ordnance items.

It is a lot to take in