20x110 i.d. help

I like to know what I have here a 20x110 cartridge with headstamp X and markings on the projectile B 54
please help to i.d. this round…

Sweden, 20 x 110mm m/47. The B with the arrow on the projectile is the Bofors logo and 54 is probably the year 1954. The Swedish designation for the projectile is, I think, slovnprj m/42. The fuze appears to be a dummy fuze. The “x” stamped in the cartridge case head probably indicates the cartridge was fired and reloaded. That’s about all I can do as I’m away from my other info.

EOD will be along soon and fill in the rest of the info.


Brian, I have tried to check on this projectile but did not find a 100% positive match for the ID.

The hs is not a “regular” one. Most Swedish cases have ring crimps on the primers and only one I have seen from 1946 with a 3x120° stake crimp.
A “X” followed by a second letter and 4 figures is a reload mark normally (used till 1955 - 2nd lot pattern style) but would always still have the markings (hs) of the original case manufacturer. The single “X” here is also confusing as other hs on “war-unfit” cases for practice use only (speaking here of a 40x311R) had an “Ö” for “Övning” (practice) in the hs and no detailed lot number (Sweden had at least 4 lot patterns over the time). So I have no proper explanation for the “X” at the moment.

I have asked back to a very knowledgeable friend in Sweden and hope to get a reply soon.

Ok, I got an answer on the projectile. It is a “övningsprojektil m/47” (TP M47) as it was used with aircraft guns (note that Sweden also used AA guns in this caliber).
It was also agreed to me that the hs is very unusual and outside the regular marking system.

Thank you for the quick response !

This one is for you Harrie (I got reminded that I had this diagram already… - age is showing):