20x110 Oerlikon ID please


I have a recently acquired Oerlikon round that I can’t figure our the manufacturer of. I couldn’t find anything for M.P. or A.L. Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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Metallic Products Corp., Closter, NJ.


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Thanks Michel. Do you know what the A.L. indicates?

MP” = Motor Products Corp. in Detroit, Michigan not Metallic Products Corp., Closter, N.J. The New Jersey company was reported incorrectly in an older publication.

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You maybe having a more desirible cartridge than you tthink,I just noticed the Anker in the Head stamp
The dilemma here is that only recently I read about this ankered stamp but cannot remember where
they do not seem to be to common.Lets hope someone out there chimes in on the subject and does
not suffer from dementia as I do

Sherryl, the anchor is a usual observation on US Navy ammo. Just that 20mm was the smallest caliber where it was applied to.

Not in this case i remember distinctly and made a mental note of it on those Oerlikons on some
that anker was special but at the moment I suffer total dementia where I had that info from
if I find it you will know

Sherryl, I am not sure why it should be different on exaxctly this one.

Here some more samples to view - all navy ammo.

Source: internet.



127mm / 5-inch

Every MP one I have has the anchor. These were made for the USN.

This is what I tried to say.

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What about the A.L.? Jack

I believe AL refers to the type of gun these were made for… In 1930 Oerlikon reconsidered the application of its gun in aircraft and introduced the “AF” and “AL” , designed to be used in flexible mounts that had to be manually aimed by a gunner. The 15-round box magazine used by earlier versions of the gun was replaced by drum magazine holding 15 or 30 rounds.


Cartridgecorner: Thanks. So then A.L. is a subtype of the basic Oerlikon design? Jack