20x110 RB Dummy

Hello all

I found such a cartridge, dummy. 20x110 RB, steel monolith inserted in a shortened case. In the place of the primer, screw. Additionally 3cm above the bottom, one crimp.


HS - 12 oclock - 1942
8 oclock - Oe Z
4 oclock - R G
I have found nothing about such a construction. Case typical Oerlikon, British, but the whole is unusual for me.
Does anyone have any idea for this?



Can this be a Polish made dummy after 1945?

we did not have such a caliber in use …in soviet times ??

If I got it right Poland used in the very first days after May 1945 some British equipment.
Still under the lend-lease act.
You may check that out with your contacts on the spot.

Here an entry on Poland:

Western equipment was not used in Poland. The Russians had equipment from Land Lease. And only they. They once lent him for a short time,

Parts of the Polish First Army also briefly used M4A2 (76 mm) borrowed from the Soviet armies after heavy losses in the conquest of Danzig. After receiving replacements, the army was re-equipped with T-34s

British equipment was used only by the Polish Armed Forces in the West. And this equipment never crossed the Odra River.

Then add the pre war imported material - including British. But RG would make no sense there as for the 20mm Oerlikon.

I’m sure it’s a Radway Green case used by some other country to make this dummy, RG most definitely did not manufacture this dummy…the 20x110RB was a naval store in the UK


Until recently I would have agreed with you. However, there was the Polsten https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20_mm_Polsten which used 20x110RB and was extensively, if not exclusively for land service. Also of note in this context, is the composition of 21st Army Group https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/21st_Army_Group

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Tony, I meant it makes no sense of being in Poland given the production time of RG stamped 20x110RR cases which are not pre war then. So it must have gotten there only after May 1945.

I totally agree with you EoD, as this was not made by RG but by someone else using a used RG case it would lend weight to your observation.