20x110mm (Hispano) NECO headstamp


I have a fired brass Hispano cartridge case with the headstamp: NECO 1942 20MM M21

The marks on the rim indicate that it was probably fired in a Hispano cannon and it lacks the mark of the double-loading stop noted on some later US cases. The headstamp appears, to me, to be US and, from the shoulder height it was not fired in a British made Hispano. The crimp cannelure is a knurl, not smooth or segmented. Can anyone help with the I/D of this headstamp please?



NECO is for Northern Engraving & Mfg. Co., La Crosse, WI

  • It looks like “NECO” company manufactured 20X110 Hispano brass shell cases only in 1942 but 20X110 Hispano steel cases [headstamped “M21A1B1”] were made in 1942-43. The same company also manufactured between 1942-45 brass shell cases 20X110RB [Oerlikon “S”] but using the maker’s mark “NOEN”. Liviu 02/16/07


Thanks for that info Liviu