20x110mm Hispano unknown maker

This cartridge measures exactly 20x110mm and is rimless. I assume it is Hispano. Who may the manufacturer be?

  • @ sksvlad: Yes, you do have a 20X110 rimless Hispano shell case. Since there are not headstamp markings [or black ink side markings] this will remain an “unsolved mistery” and I cannot tell you anything about the shell case maker. Don’t be sad because I also have a similar fired 20X110 Hispano shell case with no headstamp markings or side markings. => At the same time I can tell you something else: your 20X110 Hispano shell case was NOT fired by the 20mm cannon, the projectile was pullet out and the primer was fired by something but definitely not by a firing pin. How do I know this??? The answer is very simple: 1) Your 20X110 Hispano shell case head has none of the 2 typical markings left during the ejection process. 2) The narrow rim of your 20X110 Hispano shell case isn’t slightly deformed having the markings left by the extractor during the extraction process. 3) Note that the fired primer is a little “swallowed” showing that was not fired by the 20mm gun, the normally fired primer must be perfectly flat. 4) Note the pronounced crimping circular groove by the shell case mouth which remains like this only if the projectile was pulled. A normally fired 20X110 Hispano shell case has no circular pronouced crimping groove left by the case mouth. I hope this help, Liviu 01/24/09 P.S. My 20X110 Hispano fired brass shell case with no headstamp markings was fired by the 20mm cannon.
  • @ sksvlad: Since I cannot post any picture [using my “ISP”], I’ll ask you to do it for me below. Note in my photo two fired [normally fired by a 20mm Hispano cannon] 20X110 brass shell cases. Also note that each shell case head has 2 typical markings left from the ejection process. On each shell case head [from my photo] these 2 markings are almost at the same approximative position [9 o’clock and 12 o’clock]. An unfired 20X110 Hispano shell case does NOT have these 2 markings. —> The shell case maker’s mark is: “S.M.C.” [Stoner Manufacturing Corp., Aurora, Illinois]; “STON” [the same company from Illinois]. Liviu 01/27/09

Liviu’s photo