20x110mm Oerlickon "A.G.-1942 U anchor S 20-M.M.-MK-2"

Before I asked for the meaning of A.G. 20x110mm Oerlickon "A.G.1943". Now my question is how come I don’t see USN anchor headstamps more often? USN must have used a lot of 20x110mm, but it is a seldom item at the gun shows. Was it dumped overboard?

I only have a WB 1942 Mk11 with the U anchor S in the headstamp.
I agree this mark is not often found, but I do not see many USA Oerlikon cases.

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I was given this one not to long ago. Not my specialty, but I thought I would share it.

The bullet is marked -
20MM MK 4 MOD 2
5 - 42
The bullet tip is marked - MK - 26 NC

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