20x110mm US Navy dummy

This Amron dummy has an unfinished look to it. I usually see the projectile painted with stuff written on it.

I have the same but mine is finished.

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What is the official colour for these USN Dummy cartridges? (Red body shown above).
I show a group photo of common Dummies but there is blue, gold and brown projectiles.
I know that brown was official for Drill cartridges with white lettering.

Cases with holes are all RNO as shown with dates from 9.64, 10.65 and 4.67.
The brown projectile case is by NECO 01.53. Projectile stamped Mk11-0.
All marked for Mk12 gun.
The gold capped is marked for Mk11 & 12 guns. Is this an AP capped projectile? Mk14-0.
The other gold and the blue projectiles are both stamped Mk11-0A.


The official colours were, early Brown and later, Bronze (though tends to Gold). Blue must be an expedient, with correct markings. Red seems more likely a repaint. Have also seen yellow as dummies. The lettering would generally be a contrasting colour, looks like gold was a tricky one.
All Mk.11 have plug nosepiece, early ones were steel, later alloy or aluminum.

Mk14 is AP-T, often used as Drill/Dummy if not up to spec for final loading.

Green LPT and HPT (sometimes in brass case) can also be found used as dummies, though left with their original markings.

Takapu, interesting to hear.
Do you have images of yellow and green ones and also the AP-T ones?


In order;
TP, AP-T, Dummy(w/sectioned proj.), HPT, LPT, Dummy, Dummy.


What a great selection, thanks a lot Takapu!