20x110mm USSR Experimental Cartridge for the DSHAK Aircraft Gun, Late 1930s

While perusing the internet recently I came across a small bit of information concerning an USSR experimental 20x110mm cartridge from the 1930s for an aircraft mounted machine gun/cannon.

Information is from http://www.airwar.ru/weapon/guns/dshak.html (open in Google Chrome & use the translator)-

Quote from the above webpage:

“At the beginning of 1936, an analogue of the Oerlikon cartridge 20x110 was developed at the Tula Cartridge Plant with a classic sleeve without flange and a projectile mass of 128 grams.”

Note “sleeve” = cartridge case

Soviet 20x110mm cartridge for the DSHAK gun shown below.

Further information can be found at the website listed above.

Corrections, additions & discussion are most welcomed.


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This round actually has a much fatter case than the Hispano (31 mm rim and body diameter compared with 24.8 mm) so generated more power. It is also known as the Atslega AP-20, after the gun it was developed for.

There are a couple of other experimental Russian 20 mm from the WW2 period: one is a 20 x 110R for the TsKBSV-75 (AA version of uprated ShVAK), the other is a 20 x 114 using a necked-out 14.5 mm case.