20x110mmRB Oerlikon "E.K.1944 20 MM MK4"

This is a fired (no projectile) Eastman Kodak round. I think of Kodak as a chemical, not metal, manufacturer. How come they made ammo during WWII? Did they own some metal manufacturer?

Nice case H/S, haven’t seen that one before.
They also made / pioneered,artillery Proximity (VT) Fuze production, so probably a bit of the camera manufacturing side of the company was put over to war production.

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Vlad, the correct manufacturer is Edward Katzinger Co., Chicago, Illinois (later renamed Ekco Products Co.). Eastman Kodak used the same initials in some of their products, but they did not manufactured 20 mm cases.



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Thanks, Fede,
That makes more sense to me, I relied on seller’s ID.