20x110RB Oerlikon blank

Plastic blank with brass head. 100% NON magnetic.
Wondering who made it and possibly when?


This one is said to be a movie blank made for “The Longest Day”.

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I have such in 30-06 and 9mm Luger and they are gold colored plastic. Is this also made by SFM.

Joe, no, this one here is not from SFM as far as I know. We discussed this one here before and I think it was from Bakelittfabrikken.

The experts here may shed more light on this question.

The movie used blanks of gold-colored plastic for the 9mm Luger and the Cal. .30 M-1906 scenes as the movie was in color. These 20mm were not being filmed in enough detail to warrant the gold color so were used as made from / by Bakelittfabrikken.
I believe the 9mm and the Cal. .30 were made by SFM & have a box of the 9mm somewhere. Chris Punnett notes the M56 style Cal. .30 blank by SFM in gold color used for the movie. (pg 71 right)


My thought were similar on the 20mm color, so I am going to catalog it as such.

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Actually the movie was released in black and white. Maybe that simplified including original documentary film bits here and there. Jack

WOW, thanks Jack.
Could have sworn I saw it, as I’d have been 20 & it was in color.
Goes to show you how memory works.
Not right all the time…

The original in 1962 is B&W. A colorized version of the film was released on VHS in 1994, the 50th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. I have seen both. I prefer the B&W version.

Most of “The Longest Day” was filmed in Corsica, so naturally guns and blanks were of French origin.

Doc AV

Here’s a .50 Blank I had originally thought was from ‘The Longest Day’. It has a red plastic body, with the remains of grey paint on the ‘bullet’ portion, gold paint on the main body, and the metal head appears to have been spray painted gold, with the primer fitted after painting. Any extra info on this one? Pete.
image image

Looks to me, at first glance, like a regular NM138 blank by Bakelittfabrikken.


Thanks Ole.