20x113mm Lahti

One of Vlad’s recent museum pics shows the Lahti L39 chambered in 20x138B. There was also a 20x113 Lahti round (for the L34 gun?) that saw much more limited use. Can anyone provide information on the 20x113, specifically pictures of projectile variations and their colors/markings?


Some information and color codes here:
bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/8 … made-Lahti?
bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/4 … -113-Lathi?

Dave, you may check on the book
"20mm Suomessa Aseet ja ampumatarvikkeet ennen vuotta 1945"
from Pitkänen and Simpanen.
Certainly the best on the subject and well illustrated!

salpakirja.net/2732/20-mm-suomes … r-to-1945/


Thanks for the links. My registration with BOCN doesn’t seem to work anymore. When I have some time I’ll try to get access and hopefully get to see the pics.


That looks like an interesting book. Thank you for posting that. Another to add to the long list of “wants”!