20x129 Oe

Who made this cartridge and what loading is this?
Stamped Inerte (twice) and 97 60 in black.
Obviously inert and possibly a TP loading? Which country uses this colour code?

This is a swiss cartridge with tracer bullet for the anti-aircraft gun 54.
Right on the picture.


Thanks for the great images but I still have questions.
Who is the maker of the case?
Exactly what loading is Le-G? Practice tracer?

I found that (Small Arms Ammunition Identification Guide volume 2, page 167) :

but I would like know what does mean :

  • M-Br-G.MZ.o.L.
  • Pz-Br-G.BoZ.o.L
  • Le-G


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Thanks Maverick
Looks like a Practice Tracer from your details.
I also would like to know the meanings of the 3 terms.

M-Br-G.MZ.o.L. - Minen-Brand-Granate Momentanzünder ohne Leuchtspur, High capacitivy - Incendiary with super quick fuze without tracer
Pz-Br-G.BoZ.o.L - Panzer-Brand-Granate Bodenzünder ohne Leuchtspur, Armour Piercing- Incendiary with base fuze without Tracer
Le-G - Leuchtspur Geschoss, Tracer bullet.

Are the letter codes in the above table (e.g. RINT for API-T, UA for HE, etc.) abbreviations for something or are they just codes?

The abbreviations EP, ET, RIA, UIA etc. are only available for Hispano-Suiza cartridges. They are Hispano’s own names.
Here is for example the name for the “Minen-Brand-Granate Momentanzünder”.
At the Swiss Air Force this is called “Mi.Br.G Mz HS48” and in the Hispano catalogue “UIA”.