20x138 question

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I have two 20x38 rounds both live. #1 has what looks like an AP projectile with absolutly NO paint…just plain steel with a copper rotating band. H/S is P198 5F * 39 [* = a symbol I cant make out] Im guessing this one is polite 1939. #2 Same type of projectile only painted blue with white ring next to copper rotating band. H/S 20/40 * T 41 * is a symbol the looks like an O with a x thur it.Maybe Thur Switzerland?


No1 is likely a an API-T. Polte would be only “P”, “P198” is a different case manufacturer.
No2 is a Finnish AP-T.

Thank you EOD!

Were these rounds used in the anti-tank, anti-aircraft role? Or both?

for a picture of No.2 (i think) which was used in the 20mm Lahti Semi-auto Anti-tank rifle see:

iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … 29mm+lahti

Phil is right, Finland used this round with their L39 AT rifles.

The German Round is basically the one for the AA guns “Flak 30” and “Flak 38” and for armored vehicles in the KwK30. Germany had very few AT rifles in this caliber, I think most were from captured stocks.

The code P198 stands for the case supplier <etallwarenfabrik Treuenbritzen G.m.b.H., Werk R

Thank you everyone for your help!


Those would have been Swiss Solothurn S18-1000 rifles which were sold to various nations (including Italy). Solothurn did of course belong to Rheinmetall Borsig.