20x138 RR questions

This 20x138 rebated rim is one of the “1972 ECCA-D 1982” marked (mid-bullet) commemorative dummies. The (to me) more common one is blue and it has a standard rim diameter. This orange one has a 1.022” / 25.95mm rim.

So three (or so) questions;

What case type is it with this rim, and is it a valid / real / duplicate of a live / genuine round, as the blue one is.

What other colors did they make beside these two, and in what quantities were these made?

Thanks for any help.

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I can not explain the reduced rim diameter since the weapons these were supposedly used in are in the regular 20x139 caliber. The military dummies were just olive colored (designation DM20). All other colors are only known from commemorative cartridges of the ECCA/ECRA. Means there is no life round with a case as posed by these dummies.

Thanks EOD

What I thought as to real or not. Good to have verification. Bob Hawkinson also lists it in his updated work as only in found this way.

Does anyone know of other colors? in either ‘case type’?

The guys in the Western States Club are gathering information about commemorative cartridges / shells & wanted to help add to it with info about these ECCA / ECRA items & joined ECCA after this & so no idea what was offered to the membership. No back issues to look through!

Thanks again & best

Pete there are regular dummies with the “correct” rim diameter too, color is olive and few are greyish. This for the German military variants of the 20x139.

Yes thanks, I’m aware of ‘issue’ dummies. The US (Lake City) also produced dummies as did the Swiss & I’d guess most likely the Dutch.

My concern (apparently not stated well enough) is the colors & variations of the these ECCA 20x138 (20x139) commemorative cartridges. So I can be of help with the commemorative cartridges listing.

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