20x138B Projectiles

I show two different Italian? projectiles for the 20x138B gun.
They have the same paint colours but one has a short right-hand threaded tracer/booster and the other has a longer left-hand threaded one. They were loose with cases headstamped:
H 39 and BPD 40. (so Austrian and Italian).Which projectile is Austrian and was it a contract for Italy?

Ron, nothing Austrian in that “H” case as they never made these. Both are Italian.

I thought the H was Hirtenberg. Educate me and tell who made this case.

I have heard of H being Hirtenberger, but for some reason always thought it was H for Hellenic / Hymettus ammunition, as they also made the 20 x 138b Rheinmetall casing.

Ron I do not know the exact manufacturer of “H” but here it is definately Italian.
Greece is out too. Besides this we have not seen a 20x138B case positivley attributed to a Greece manufacturer.

Do not forget that a single letter never is owned by only one manufacturer.

For reference please check Anderhub’s book on the 20x138B cartridge.

Can I get the full title of the Anderhub book on 20x138B please.
I have not heard of this book and will try to get a copy. When was it printed?


Ron, these are out of print as only few were made.

Thanks. Seems like I will not find a copy.

I have a New set for sale?