20x138B Rheinmetall Export Loadings?

I have two odd colour codes on 20x138B German? that were bought as Export loads.The brown one came with a card tube with a brown band at the top. H/S is
P *fancy G 13a 39. The Yellow one is H/S P * fancy G 24.
I assume both are AP with white trace but why not a black projectile?
Who is the G marking? I guess the P is Polte? Any help appreciated.20x138%20German%203|690x693

The Projectile photos.20x138%20German%203

Different countries have different color codes.
These were made for Sweden.
Yellow: AP
Brown: TP
Both are tracers.

ā€œPā€ is Polte.
The ā€œGā€ is unknown.
And the cartridge is not to be called Solothurn but Rheinmetall.

Thank you EOD for identifying my 20x138B as Swedish Export loads.
I did not even think of Swedish colour codes.

On the nice pictures shown by Ron,
On the right of the yellow projectile, we can see a printed WaffenAmt eagle (WaA 73) , is it normal for an export load?

Absolutely! Many customers wanted items to be accpeted under strict German military rules. So these items were handled accordingly and also marked in this way.
One may keep in mind that many countries buying certain weapon systems had no own capacities and expertise to do QA in the way it was done in Germany.
Some other countries had own acceptance commissions residing in Germany while their contracts were completed. A procedure still common today.

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Thank you for the explanation

Here is a clearer photo of the WaA732 stamp.
I am glad you liked my photos.

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Excellent items Ron!
Thank you for the close-up.