20x138B Rheinmetall identification request

Can anyone provide a definitive ID for these 20x138B cartridges, ideally with a source (book, manual, etc) for the ID? The headstamps (year and manufacturer, left to right) are:

  1. P 31
  2. S-18-1000-0P S 39
  3. P315 38
  4. P 382
  5. P 41
  6. P 35
  7. P 31


You should have a look at this website:


Nice cartridges! The first 4 are very hard to find.
I recommend you the book of J.B. Anderhub. It is the bible on 20x138B.


  • TP, for AA guns, Germany
  • APHE-T (German military color code) or AP-T (Finnish color code), export, depends on the exact variant (customer/user), likely made by Rheinmetall, this one here is for the S18-1000 AT rifle
  • TP-T, yellow tracer, for AA guns, Germany
  • TP-T, red tracer, for AA guns, Germany
    The remaining white and the 2 light blue ones are repaints.

Too bad the 5 on the right had their case necks tampered with.

Thank you both for the info!

For me, spécimens 1,3,4 are practice loads (dark green paint and upper the yellow ring you can see an Arrow), is it what you mean as writing TP?

Laurent, yes.
TP = target practice
TP-T = target practice - tracer