20x138B Solothurn Export Loadings?


I have two odd colour codes on 20x138B German? that were bought as Export loads.The brown one came with a card tube with a brown band at the top. H/S is
P *fancy G 13a 39. The Yellow one is H/S P * fancy G 24.
I assume both are AP with white trace but why not a black projectile?
Who is the G marking? I guess the P is Polte? Any help appreciated.20x138%20German%203|690x693


The Projectile photos.


Different countries have different color codes.
These were made for Sweden.
Yellow: AP
Brown: TP
Both are tracers.

ā€œPā€ is Polte.
The ā€œGā€ is unknown.
And the cartridge is not to be called Solothurn but Rheinmetall.


Thank you EOD for identifying my 20x138B as Swedish Export loads.
I did not even think of Swedish colour codes.