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Hello, I got this new shot of 20x139 of French manufacture, I guess it is an exercise like all the white shells manufactured in that country at that time, I don’t know about EP. Can someone inform me?
Thank you

Untill the true experts will answer I assume it could be a HPT load as “EP” could mean “épreuve”.

Thank you very much EOD, I also thought it could be an HPT but I had my doubts, also because of the shape of the brand of the lot. P / A

Hasag, too early to celebrate. Let’s wait for our experts to shed some light on this one.

EP - Expanding Point?

However, the picture seems to not be that…

Mil-Std-709C - Blue & White letters is training. White with black is illum.

Jay, I guess we can rule out English markings on French marked ammo.
And what would be an expanding point on a 20mm?

From old old Janes - following US standard

Yes, when NATO, but white is no NATO standard for inert projs. So the markings/abbr. there must be French.

projectile or other “stuff” like grenades,mines… painted white ,if i remember is for “school teaching” not be confused with “inert manip” (orange items)

I said inert projectile, not inert cartridge. 2 different things.

for the projectile i well wrote inert projectile ,not the cartridge
i see loose inert white projectiles in 20 ,25 and 30mm (never mounted on cases)

i never see a loose orange projectile ,only complete rounds (officially not disassembled rounds)

Where is the contradiction to what I wrote then?

White in France was denoting “TP” or practice ammo btw.
Nothing for “teaching” or thelike - sounds much like a bad interpretation into English.

i see the “bug”
“teaching” i would mean for instructing in classroom

maybe oldest french TP projos are painted white but it too old for me to know these ,i only know the blue TP ones

The French projectiles painted white with blue letters are usually TP for instruction, but usually incorporate in the INERTE marking in blue, this cartridge that shows EP marking never seen either the format of the P / A Lot
Greetings and thanks.


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Leave it to the French to break the rules.

First the guillotine and now this.

What does one thing has to do with the other?
The French had their own colors like all countries, until NATO arrived and the colors and markings of the ammunition were standardized.

Could EP be a manufacturer? Ecole de Pyrotechnie

The manufacturer is “MR” = Manurhin.

And we have NATO states which are still “breaking the rules”.

Jay, what was wrong with the Guillotine?

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Perhaps the bullet manufacturer or metal supplier or loader was what I was inferring. The French did mark that sort of stuff on their ammunition.

Not on modern projectiles and not in paint.