20x139 Vgl Mun DM 48

Is this a type of TP-T load.
Vgl Mun DM 48. Los DN-1-1-X. marked in white.
DM 1027. LOS DN-1-132 impressed above the drive band.

It came with a Dutch case: 20x139 DM1001A1. LOS NWM-3-446-X
Is this the wrong case. Should I find a LOS DN case?

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The “Vgl Mun” is “for comparison”. No official military wording and the load is most likely factory internal.
To my understanding this is a “ballistic standard” type.

As it is a single projectile it makes no sense to find a “matching headstamp”. It will remain a “stuffer” anyways.

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Thanks as usual.This info is all new to me, especially the case date codes.

Yes, the year in the lot numbers was an on-and-off issue in Germany.
Early material was dated, then they stopped for long and with the “new” lot system from the late 1980s (like the US and others are using it) propper dates re-appeared (thankfully).

The “new” lot numbering was discussed here in detail in another thread.