20x82 MG151/20 by POF (Pakistan)?

I was checking on an undated Pakistan Ordnance Factroies catalog (assumed early 1990s) and have found an image of medium calibers which was the introduction to the medium caliber section. In the following pages some datsasheets with basic data are shown.
The puzzling thing is that the photo in the beginning is showing two 20x82 MG151/20 TP loads (top centre with blue projectiles). But they are not listed/described in the following pages of the catalog.
And as I was into medium calibers for more than 30 years this is now the first time I noticed POF being related to this caliber.

Anybody out there who has better/more info or even good photos of cartridges and headstamps?

Image source: POF catalog.


Interesting, not come across this previously.

Pakistan used the French produced Allouette Helicopter that could be armed with the Post war French version of the MG151, so logical they would use their own munitions production.

Yes, I am aware of the Alouette, but why is this round shown in the POF catalog (to be correct in 2 catalogs) and not being offered/described? Also never encountered in reality as far as I saw.

Paksitan had 35 Alouttes and to what can be found in the web they were for liaison and related purposes.

It’s new to me too. I am not that surprised by the inconsistent presentation of data, though. I have seen POF’s stand at several exhibitions (Eurosatory and DSEi) over the years, and they have mixed up the labels for the 30mm Aden and NR-30 every time…

Tony, indeed, me too. And POF is very prominent with their catalogs having things incorrectly labeled and advertized with incorrect images + low quality and sometimes strange ammunition terminology.

But all this does not help us with POF showing the 20x82 MG151/20 and not mentioning it at all.