211pg pdf on ordnance in Iraq - fuzes, rockets, AA, mines

Today I stumbled upon a 211 page .pdf document that originates from somewhere within the halls of James Madison University and which has many color photos of large caliber machine gun / AA / rocket / mortars / tank shells, etc… ordnance found in Iraq. The exact context of it is a mystery, except that it appears to be a technical document meant to be somewhat of a quick-ID guide for ordnance found in Iraq. The document was created in 2004, and was last updated in 2012.

There is no listed author, except that the PDF tab under the file properties on the fully downloaded High-res version lists the file author as “NAVEODTECHDIV” which I take to mean the Naval EOD Technology division of the U.S. military.

The low-res version is here, and is fine for reading:

And the 113mb high-res version with sharper photos is here (takes forever to load):

Here are images of a couple pages:

There are some associated links with this file nearby which point to something called “Ordata” that is a neat searchable database with many search parameters for looking up the sorts of ordnance that might be used in I.E.D.'s here:

They seem to be linked by, or associated with “CISR” which is a group dedicated to landmine eradication, and post-war ordnance removal. There is also a big .pdf about fuses (as found in Afghanistan?) here:

With pages like this: