22-06 extended neck?

Ok, I have this 22-06 with extended neck and I am wondering if it is a legitimate example or a reproduction someone made up? The case is made up of 2 pieces. You can see the seam just below the body - shoulder junction. It also has a soft point bullet. I have looked in HWS III but could find nothing on this 2 piece case.
22-06 Extended.2

The year on the headstamp is about the correct date for this project. Anybody have any ideas or thoughts?

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I believe it to be a fake. As far as I’m aware it was only made as a single bullet load & the headstamp should be F A 5 7

Thanks Pete.

Hi Zac,

22 Duplex does exists. please see picture below.
However all my specimens have a WRA headstamp.
So far, I have never seen a SL headstamp on a Duplex/Triplex cartridge

correct, the single bullet loadings are all FA 57


René, what is the case length of the one you have shown?

can’t find my digital caliper but on the “old-fashioned one” it seems to be 74.6 MM


Thanks Rene. I kind of figured it wasn’t right but figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what others thought about it.

René, thanks!
Good enough for me. Imagine, back in the “old days” analog calipers were used to make all these great cartridges and guns we see and they obviously worked well!

BTW: I can not stand digital watches!

Analog calipers work fine, but are much more difficult to get an accurate reading from for people with visual problems, including simply old age.

I share your dislike for digital wrist watches. Too “Dick Tracy” for me. :-)


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I apologize I’d forgotten about those that René shows. And he is correct with the W R A 5 7 headstamp.
I have a fired case with a 2.9485" / 74.89mm case length and a loaded example with a 2.932" / 74.48mm cl.

I think my confusion was that some have said there was a triplex load with these, like exists with the Cal. .30’s and that is what I was thinking when I said not so, for the load.

No apologies necessary. I appreciate the help from you all.

In reference to your original notation about the two piece case, which I do not see an answer to;
Have you tried to pull or twist them apart and see what happens?
I wonder if it is a storage/pen type thing?

good idea. Yes, I did try to turn it by hand. Nothing that would damage the case though but it did not move at all. I think I am going to look into getting it x-rayed.

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If only there were a place…

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Here are all 3 of the salvo program of the 1950.the old label on the 22-06 states it is a
triplex.however I have never been able to veryfy that fact.That is why I show also the
30cal version this one has the same neck lenght and is defenetly identified by JEAN HUON
as a triplex the third one is a duplex.I am somewhat surprised that no one out there is really
able to say if these 22-06 are duplex or triplex.I did not take that old label off because of
the uncertainty

There was a picture of all of these in the woodin thread of a display board.

use a magnet and Rene’s photo as a guide to see how far down your .22 is magnetic. I’ll bet the magnetic attraction ends where his lower bulllet is & if that It is so it is a duplex.
Yes the Cal. 30’s were made as Triplex loads.

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Back when I worked for a Verinarian, as long as I paid for the film and chamistry I was able to xray my own.
I spent a LOT of money getting them right!

I had to check my drawer to see what I had…I concur

(wished I turned up a triplex)

single bullet all FA 57

duplex all WRA 57

and for giggles on lower row 22.- 7.62.x 51 WCC 57 & re tipped target marker = WCC 54

Thanks everyone. I will try to post images of future xrays.