.22/.30-30 Wildcat


Here’s a wildcat that managed to miss getting culled out as I was going through a collection of cartridges I picked up recently. It was made from a .30-30 case. I didn’t include dimensions because I know Ray can recognize these things in the dark with his sunglasses on.


Is this some kind of a trick question??

How about if you post measurements, headstamp, ogive of bullet, colors of any seals at the neck and/or primer, material of primer cup, case material, bullet jacket, magnetic or non, etc. Does the lot number on the box have an “R” on it if it’s Winchester, or a “W” on it if it’s a Remington?

Otherwise I’ll just have to guess that it’s an old number 19 - a 22 Improved Zipper.



Delete. Bad joke.


Thanks… I think.



Really, that’s what it is. Probably the Lovell version - 30 degree shoulder. It looks old. What’s the headstamp? Pre WWII?



Its SUPER-X 30-30 Not that old at all - probably just made by an old wildcatter.



Super-X pre dated WW II. As did Super-Speed. I have a lot of pre-war wildcat cartridges with Super-X headstamps.