22 American bullet

To any piddly collectors out there like me (22 Rimfire) Have a 22 American (the shortened 22WMR) with a different bullet. All dimensions are correct and it has the Super X headstamp. The bullet is a jacketed hollow point soft point. Were these actually made?


picture please?

I have a similar 22 American.

It has the “Super X” headstamp and a half jacketed hollow point bullet. The bullet looks to be a typical Winchester/Western 22 Mag bullet. The crimp looks “factory”. Don’t Know anything else about it.


Paul that’s it. Has to be at least an experemental production, because you have the 3rd one. To my knowledge only Western made the cartridges for the gun inventor. Also have the full jacket bullet and a dummy cartridge in the collection. Fellow who worked with me had a gun I was able to examine.


Is it the 22 ILARCO also called 22 winchester magnum short?
I have never heard something about a "22 american " cartridge


The name “.22 American” was the original name for this cartridge. I was at the “Ordnance Expo” in, I believe, if I remember correctly, 1986, when it was introduced. I had a booth there just 2 booths away from the company making the guns. I shot perhaps 2000 rounds of it. Someplace I have a flyer about it. If I can find it I’ll post it.

Forgive me for speaking on what I know not what of but my copy of ‘Cartridges of the World, 7th edition’ lists this as an experimental cartridge made by Winchester for the Illinois Arms Company.

It says the original idea was to use a jacketed bullet so as not to have outside lubricated 22LR heads as the rifle it was designed for had a 165 round drum magazine. I know how a 10 round Ruger magazine gets gunked up after a while, I really wouldn’t like the idea of cleaning a 165 drum magazine.

It also says “this cartridge never went into production and existing specimens are now collectors items” That was in 1993 so it had a short life.


endfield56 the gun was really a downsized Thompson sub machine gun with some unique features. It was originally built for the 22 Long Rifle cartridge. The inventor tried to sell it to police departments but they did not like the idea of a 22 LR for a weapon. In trying to develop more power without redesigning the weapon he went to Western with the idea of shortning the larger diameter 22 WMR cartridge to 22 LR length thus gaining some case
capacity. Like you don’t think the large capacity magazine was too reliable in the long run. I too thought the cartridge was only made with full patch bullets.
Ron did you have many stoppages while firing the weapon?


No stoppages at all. The gun worked flawlessly. As you said it was meant for the police as a “Cheap” Thompson SMG. The “Ordnance Expo” was a international show hosted by the Los Angles Police Dept. for several years in the 1980’s.and the emphesis was police sales. The company with the .22 American only had one gun at the show, which I think was a phototype. As such, it was put together with care. It doesn’t look good if your demostration gun jams when being test fired by police from all over the nation. It certainaly was a slick gun and lots of fun to fire. Unlike a .45 Thompson, it had VERY little recoil and was easy to hold on target.

BTW, the FMJ bullet is the only load I have ever seen.