22 box collectors

Our new web site dedicated to .22 box collectors is steadily growing. we have nine Dunn upgrades online so far and working on the next one today. So far all that have seen the color upgrades seem to be impressed. I’ve also added a new section with about a dozen Remington factory that show the dimensions of the .22 cartridges. Thanks to Billy Smith of the Remington Society. I also have Remington and Peters catalog covers online and plans to include the rimfire sections of each sometime in April. Our .22 Box forum is finally starting to show signs of use so visit it if you have an interest in collecting .22 boxes and want a place to discuss them with other collectors.

I am talking with Rich Rains about possibly maintaining a portion of the website for the .22 Box Association.

Check it out at: http://www.22box-id.com
Forum is at: http://www.22box-id.com/forum

Roger, this is wonderful! Thank you so much.

Please, can you fix the link of the drawing C-2263? Its the same as the C-2256.

Thanks for pointing out that bad link. It’s fixed now.

Great! Thanks.

Nice initiative to get Dunn ‘colorized’ so to speak. Does any works exist on european .22 boxes? I can find bits and bobs around the net, but no mention of any reference books or much on older boxes.

Sorry. We are just doing Tony Dunn’s “.22 Boxes of the USA”.

Tony also published a book called Catalog of the. 22 Boxes of the World. 3 vols. to date,1983.

Rich Rains of the 22 Box collectors may have copies?