.22 box ID


Is anybody able to tell details on who made this box and what the contained hs is?

Image from the web.


Lesmok Powder Question

This came up when I googled the company name:


Really noone?


From your original photo, upon enlarging, there appears to be a triangular headstamp of some description…

Could the hs be the logo shown on the front of the box - the letter “S” inside a triangle?



Dave I am clueless to be honest.


Ran the link content through google translate and came up with this. The text was in Finnish, but that doesn’t tell us where the box came from.



EOD, I found the website where this photo probably came from…


Upon translating the information which the website provides, I managed to obtain the following under “Markings & Description” (sort of the same as Guin):

Markings: Cartridge stencil S Sole on the bottom of the stamp: 13 3.V

Description: Sport Cartridge Company KiF Rasian ends with Triangle S

There is also a leed on a museum which is preserving this box:

Museum to Preserve: Finnish Hunting Museum

The Finnish Hunting Museum link can be found here:

I can kindly send the museum an email, asking for a detailed photo of the headstamp.



Dave, thanks! If you think it is not too much work for you I would be curious to see the hs then!


I will do my best, and let you know when I hear back from them.

I note on the museum website, that they are closed Mondays, and January… So the reply could take a while…



Hello EOD,

I received a reply this morning from Jukka Peltonen, who is the Chief Curator of The Hunting Museum of Finland. There is some great information here from Jukka! I will copy and paste the email below:

“Hi Dave!

Here you have some pictures of the cartridge and the box. Not very good, but I hope that they are useful for you. The headstamp of the cartridge is the same as on the box – S inside a triangle. Unfortunately the stamp is not very clear. I have not been able to find any information on the manufacturer of these cartridges, but I think that probably it has been an American company. What do the letters K. i. F. mean – I don´t know. At the bottom of the box there is a stamp 13 3. V which may stand for the date of the manufacture, 3th of May 1913 – or maybe not!

Best wishes,

Jukka Peltonen
Chief Curator
The Hunting Museum of Finland”


Dave, thanks a lot!

I am surprised that you got an answer!

As we see the musuem does not know anything about.


With the lack 100% factual info, that makes this box and cartridge most interesting!

Thank you for bringing this topic up EOD!



Dave, right, to what I understand it was undocumented before and still is unidentified now.


I just looked for it in the 22 box site: http://22box-id.com/world.php, but no luck.

It’s a worthwhile site to bookmark, and next time it may have an answer?

Neat box.


I searched there for this box a while ago, I forgot to mention.

That’s an excellent site, it’s a good reference for box types but not so much they’re actual age in most cases.


K.i.F has an Indian appeal to me for some reason, maybe because Kirkee .303 is headstamped KF.

This box looks too nice to be Indian made though too, at least to me anyway.

Who knows?


I was asked to post these images, maybe they are of some help for ID?

Source: internet




FABULOUS find EOD! Thank you!!!

I will see if I can enlarge the photo of the can to make out what is printed on the side.

Now we know they made more than just .22LR cartridges!


Upon enlarging the second photo, all I can make out is “COMPANY K.i.F” on the side of the tin (which is of no use).


Not sure if this would help, but “i.F.” is used in Finland to designate a Sports Association (Idrottsförening). There are several clubs using initials “K.i.F.”, and some of them had or still have target shooting as one of their disciplines. However, I don’t know if these cartridges have anything to do with any of them.