22 box website

The .22 box website is gone

Wonder the why of that. Did he pass?

Roger said he was just tired of the work, not too interested in 22 boxes any more and TOO expensive to keep the website. You probably noticed - there were no ads, etc on his site, so he was footing the whole ticket. Wish we could take it over…

That’s a huge loss for 22 collectors. What a shame but I understand why.


The IAA was trying to get this another time when he said he was not going to support it, but he changed his mind & kept it running.
A lot of hard work on his end and all the others that submitted box photos just to be thrown away?
Not sure I understand it.

That’s what I heard from Roger, that he was going to keep it up and running.

I have been in the hospital and sick since September. Now that I am home, I was going to update all my box files and couldn’t get onto the website. Sure wish he would put it back up…I would be willing to donate something to help with expenses, as I’m sure others would.

Guys, no panic. I just checked via the internet archive.
If you go there and enter the URL you still get all PDF files (at least I tried to open a few and they worked).

Web-sites are a huge amount of work after 21 years I know.
The pictures and pages don’t get there on their own.
Add the cost of the site and credit card cost, and inventory cost, and it is not something you do for profit, as you can make more saying " Welcome to Walmart Lady" :-) or other work. By it is your business and that said it’s your baby.

I don’t see any URl to enter when I go to the website, only the message that the site is permanently closed and that message will remain until Feb. 2.

As EOD indicated, it seems most of the site is archived from mid-2019. Try this link to the “Way-Back Machine”:




Isn’t it all in the IAA members section? I saw that a whole lot of 22 boxes had been entered. Not my thing, so I didn’t look at them.

A couple of years ago I offered to donate toward his costs, but he thought he was done with it. A few months later it was up and running again. The why is his to tell, not mine :) I am thinking that after the dust settles I might talk with Roger about the future of the data.