.22 Boxes dating?

I would like to know aprox dat of my .22 boxes.

I know the “red W” Winchester was was made between 1962 and 1971 and the blue Orbea was made around 1970.


Martin–Ok, lets start with your Winchester boxes. Numbering them top to bottom and left to right:

1-Produced 1980-1982

2-Late 1990’s


4-7-1946-1954 with "Olin Industries"
1955-1959 with “Olin Mathieson”

8-1938-with “Winchester Repeating Arms Co.” only
1939-1945-with “Division of Western Cartridge Co” added.
1945- with “Division of Olin Industries, Inc.”

9-11- Early 1950’s. I’ll date boxes 9-13 later

12-What is the Product Index #? This is about 1936

13-This is too dark to see on my monitor. Please describe.

14-15-This style box for these two is about 1997

Thank you very much Ron!
Just check the boxes:

4-1946-1954 with “Olin Industries”

5-1955-1959 with “Olin Mathieson”

6-1946-1954 with “Olin Industries”

7-1946-1954 with “Olin Industries”

8-1939-1945-with “Division of Western Cartridge Co” added.

9-11- Early 1950’s. I’ll date boxes 9-13 later

12-Product Index R11? This is about 1936

13-Sorry forget to mention it is Brazilian Magtech .22 Short packeted in a LR box but labeled as Short…


Martin–Your R11 box says “DuPont” in an oval on it. That dates it to 1934-1942. Without “DuPont” it would have been 1931-1933.

The red and green Remington boxes are 1946-1958.

I can not help on the Brazilian box. I have no catalogs or information for anything that new. It must be at least mid-1990’s or later.

Thanks agin Ron.
So the dating of the older boxes:


forgot those boxes…


Martin–The RWS box is early 1950’s to mid-1970’s. Their are a LOT of minor variations over the years: size of print, minor address changes, wording on the back panel, etc.

The Peters box is 1948-1961.

Thanks again for all yuor helping.