.22 by DWM, plant locations

Does anybody have details on the factory locations where DWM made their .22 cartridges?
Also time frames and details would be of interest.

That would have been either Berlin, Karlsruhe, Durlach or Lübeck.

My money is on Karlsruhe. All commercial packaging, and the marketing material only mention the factory in Karlsruhe, Baden, in combination with the production of .22lr.

DWM marketed their .22lr under the ‘Bombe’ brand name, with an exploding bomb head stamp as their trade mark.

After WW2 DWM’s successor IWK in Karlsruhe produced the .22lr model 80KK until the Karlsruhe branch stopped their production of ammunition. Mauser, part of the same conglomerate, took over the marketing of that ammunition, changing the DWM logo to their own Mauser banner on the packaging. The ammunition, still with the ‘bombe’ headstamp was actually produced in Canada, iirc. Mauser purely did the sales and they sold quite a bit of it.

Vlim, thanks a lot!

DWM Karlsruhe actually had two locations:

  1. the main factory south of city center where most of the metal work was done.

  2. the explosives factory at Karlsruhe-Grötzingen. All primer and ammunition loading was done there.