Got this from Vic’s last auction. It contains 7 very nice cartridges headstamped WCC 54 from the SALVO I trials. It looks OK but I must say that I’ve never seen this type of box from WCC, APG, or FA.

Anybody seen a box like this??



How does it look from the side?



It’s essentially 1 3/4" square by 4" long. Two piece. The brown paper label goes all the way around, so it looks the same on top, sides, and bottom, except for the lettering on top. Ends are red.



Yep, came from APG have it, & in the either or later year (can’t remember right now) production with a printed label, stating exactly the same thing.


Thanks Pete. Probably the first production as per Gustafson,[b] “It is recomemended that five caliber .22 carbines and 20,000 rounds of ammunition be procured and tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground . . .”[/b]