22 Ding Bat?


Another item from the junk box.
It has a impressed U headstamp and a “G” case mouth letter. The unusual thing is the two deep grooves in the bullet. I assume this just some ones after market alteration of the bullet but for what reason I don’t have a clue.

Any thoughts?



What is the headstamp?
When I did collect .22s many decades ago, I seem to recall a number had a letter impressed on the case near the mouth. It did have some meaning, what, I cannot recall, sorry.


Greetings John,

Thanks for the reply.
The headstamps is an impressed “U”. The “G” case mouth letter reportedly stands for “Greased”. It is part of a series of case mouth letters that Rem-UMC used.
I was wondering more about the unusual bullet than the letter.



Hi Paul,

I’m wondering if the bullet has “grown” through oxidation.? Unfortunately I don’t have anything with which to compare the bullet grooves to a normal G stamped case.