.22 dummy ID question

I just got several (what looks to me) .22 long rifle cartridges with projectiles in place AND small holes in the central area of the headstamp where a primer may be. Why is a hole there? I am far away from home without a scanner so I’ll post scans and photos in a couple of days.

Vlad - I have seen factory dummy .22s that have a hole in the head of the case. Sometimes at first glance it looks like a primer, until you realize it is simply a hole showing the case is inert.

As far as I understand the question, I would have to say that your rounds are simply dummy cartridges. They make plenty of .22 dummies.

Hey Vlad

Got these from Brownells. 'cause they were inexpensive. They have all the .22s, S,L,LR and Mag. Same thing. Hole in the base. Not an uncommon inerting ID option for rimfires, I suppose.



Somewhere, in one of my cigar boxes, somewhere in one of my closets, I have examples of other rimfire cartridges. Such as the 22 Win, 22 Rem, 25 Stevens Short and Long, etc. I suppose it’s the logical way to ID a rimfire dummy.


So, how are these made, they drill a hole? Because I can see remnants of a headstamp in the 2nd and 3rd from the left.


My samples are drilled.

Here’s a closeup, which may help determine the drilling vs punching options.