.22 Goliath

Back in 2001, Industrias Tecnos (Águila) announced through Centurion Ordnance four new unique rimfire cartridges: .22 Super Colibrí, .17 Águila, .22 Goliath and .223 Rimfire. The first one was readily available and is commercially offered until today, while the second was available for a very short time. Regarding the other two, it seems that they were never available, not even as samples.

The .22 Goliath was described as a subsonic load of the .22 Magnum having a shortened case and a 75 gr lead bullet (much like the .22 SSS). Below is a picture of the box for this mythical cartridge, so I assume that prototype cartridges must have been manufactured as well.

Does anyone have more information or examples of these cartridges in his collection?