22 Harwood Hornet

Does anyone have, or seen, a specimen of the Harwood Hornet headstamped .22-20 or .22 Harwood or any variation of this ?

It was illustrated in ads from the 1890’s with a “HARWOOD’S 22-20” headstamp, but I’m not aware of any reported example. It was not a factory made cartridge but custom made shells were available from Harwood and Stevens, so it could be considered one of the first commercial wildcats.

The only examples I’m aware of are modern reproductions by Reynolds/Reuter.



It was the hs case illustrated in the Ideal handbook that got me to wondering if headstamped cases actually existed. On the other hand, with 25-20 SS cases being commonplace at the time, why go to the expense and bother. Still, I have the need to know for certain.

for whatever it’s worth I’ve not seen or heard of a “Harwood” headstamp