.22 help please

Hi all, in the process of moving 99% of my collection stuff moved. Been sorting .22 rounds. Please can you explain difference between one on left and the other normal .22 cartridges I know.

Case length- 16,5 mm
Rim dia is bigger and rim is thicker. The neck has a very sharp taper. All three have H head stamps.


Photo is a bit fuzzy and dimensions would help, but the left cartridge looks most like a 22 Winchester Automatic for the Model 1903. Possible it is the Remington .22 Automatic cartridge.

.22 Winchester Automatic was my first guess, also. I have three boxes… somewhere… if I can find them I will post a pic and measurements.

Thanks, are they rare? I will have all my books and things unpacked by tomorrow night.

Not especially rare as singles, in fact relatively common the Rem Auto in more uncommon than the Winchester… Boxes are somewhat uncommon. If a Winchester Auto by Winchester look for a small impressed “W” near the case mouth.

I have never seen that, so… obvious questions:
How small a ‘W’? How close to case mouth? How much power do I need to see it with my bad eyes?

Here is a W case mouth letter on a 22 Win Auto


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Did Winchester load the 22 Remington automatic? Jack


I’ve never seen a Winchester 22 Rem auto but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Western did manufacture them.


Thanks Paul. Had to look really hard but I found a few. I have the following head stamps. H, diamond <>, D, P and U.

Ah, thanks.
So, small ‘W’, hard to see, bad eyes, bigger loupe.
Got it!

Remington loaded .22 Win Auto, but I have never seen a .22 Rem. Auto made by Winchester.
.22 Winchester auto is still being made today, just not by Winchester.

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