22 Herter rimfire

Simple question: Did Herter’s sell a 22 long , I have boxes of short and long rifle but have not seen samples of just long. Thank You

I’ve never seen one. In Tony Dunn’s book on 22 Boxes he list only 22 Long Rifle, Long Rifle Hollow Points and 22 Shorts for Herter’s boxes.


Just to start things off, I have only one Herter’s catalog, unfortunately, and it is from 1971. In that catalog, pages 537-538, they show, under their own brand name, only .22LR High Velocity (Index SD2C70), and .22 Short High Velocity (Index SD2C71).

They also offered .22 CB and BB Caps, but sold under the Eley name, not their own name.

Wish I had more catalogs to go through and give you a better idea if they ever made the .22 Long, but this is all I have. Maybe we’ll hear from the .22 collectors.


If you’ll Google “Herters Catalogs” you should get a few hits. One good site that I like is:

sporting-goods.search.ebay.com/c … QsacatZ382

I have bought 4 or 5 Herters catalogs there. There are a lot of other gun/shooting/cartridge related books and catalogs there also. Nowadays you have to be careful though. The old originals are fast disappearing and many of the ones listed are re-prints. Read the description carefully.


Ray - thanks for the tip. However, regarding originals, I would, if priced accordingly, just as soon have reprints than originals. I am not, contrary to belief by some, a catalog collector. I am an information collector. In fact, I mourn the fact that catalogs have become as much, or more “collectible” than ammunition and firearms, as it has put most of them, even fairly recent ones by the great firms like Colt, Winchester, etc. out of the reach of those of us who have a very limited budget for our hobbies. I am perfectly happy to obtain repro catalogs, or scans of catalogs sent electronically, although unlike people who understand computers, I print out the latter for my library.

I will check those sites, though, and thanks again.

I have about 40 different Herters cataloges and none list a 22 long. Nor in 50 years of collecting 22 boxes have I ever heard or seen one. I would say with 99.9% certainty they do not exist.