22 Hornet boxes M65

Is the upper box what is inside the wrapper?

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Hello, not an expert on boxes Or this caliber, but I’m very sure the upper box would not go inside the lower, as one is Winchester and the other Remington.

I’m sure someone with more knowledge can verify this.

Regards Hamish.

The warning on the boxes shows they were intended as survival rounds for aircrew. Not to be used for offence. I can’t recall which weapon was used.

Correct, different manufacturers… My question is other than that, is the packaging the same?

I believe regardless of the manufacturer, the contract providing for these would have required the foil-backed outer paper wrapper. Winchester box is uncommon in my view, but the single Winchester rounds are common.
I believe the M65 was a FMJ load but am not near my books to verify

I think Daan’s site has great pictures of the survival weapons.

That would have been the M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon, (which replaced the earlier M4 bolt action rifle), .22 Hornet over .410.
Because of the Hague Convention, ammunition marked “Under no circumstances is the ammunition to be used for offensive or defensive measures against enemy personnel. This ammunition is provided for use with your emergency survival Rifle for the Killing of Game for food under emergency survival conditions only.”
It held nine .22 Hornet cartridges, and four .410 shells under the trap in the butt stock.

  • Not to be confused with the firearm of the same name made by the civilian Springfield Armoury company, or the AR7 Explorer/AR7 Survival Rifle, which was never issued or used by the U.S. Military.*


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Great photos to return my memory. Thanks for sharing

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I believe that the upper box is for the Cartridge, Caliber .22 Hornet, Ball, Soft Point, M39.

The bottom box with the wrapper is the M65, which is not a soft point projectile. It is jacketed over a lead-antimony slug. The projectile for the M65 is about 35 grains. The M65 replaced the M39.

Both cartridges would have been used in the M4 and M6 survival weapons.


Charlie Flick

thanks Charlie

Charlie, the Winchester box shown above contain the early soft point load without model designation (also manufactured by Remington). The M39 was a FMJ load, not a soft point, but some technical manuals confuse both cartridges using the non-existent designation “ball, soft point, M39”.



Just acquired an open Remington Kleanbore box of these. Lot RA 5012. They are lead point with copper jacket. Missing 3 rounds if anyone my have 3 to spare.

Hello Fede:

Thank you for that clarification. I will have to amend my notes and written sources with this information.