.22 Hornet subsonic survival rifle ctg info?

Topic wandered & 144 views with no confirmation of US procurement of cartridge type of interest. I’m calling this a non-starter and scrubbing what I can off of the board.


Concerning the assasination of President K. From the internet photos I have seen on the internet regarding skull damage. No way was it a .22 Hornet. Downloaded or otherwise. I have seen dozens of head shot foxes with .22 varients.

For the record, it doesn’t look like what you would expect from a 6.5mm FMJ bullet either but its outside the remit of this forum to go there. Besides what would be achieved?

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I’m not sure what the original question was, since it’s been deleted, I guess.

But, during WWII the Ordnance Department developed a 22 RF cartridge for use in the USAAF survival kits and for use in silenced semi-auto pistols. It was designated the M24. Maybe that is the cartridge you are thinking of???


Hi Ray
I’m glad you were able to come up with that. By bringing a Hornet down to subsonic they put in the .22LR zone which means there is a considerable and unnecessary bulk/weight disadvantage for a survival round.